Vibratory Tumbling Media

The Industries Heaviest Most Durable Ceramic Media !!!

HD Ceramic Media Descriptions

1Slow cutting, extra long lasting, tough, high porcelain media, containing no aluminum oxide abrasives. It can be used for burnishing, polishing, and light deburring and also as a driver for loose abrasives. It has a high resistance to chipping. (B.D. 90lbs./cubic foot)
2Medium cutting ceramic media, which contains fused aluminum oxide. These relatively long lasting media gives good color and a fine finish with proper compounding. (B.D. 95lbs./cubic foot)
3Fast cutting ceramic media designed to reduce cycle times, giving burr removal and corner radiusing while producing a fine matte finish. (B.D. 95lbs./cubic foot)
4Ultra fast cutting ceramic media specially designed to reduce cycle times to the absolute minimum. It is ideal for quick burr removal, radiusing, and low RMS finishes. It produces a very fine matte finish. (B.D. 105lbs./cubic foot)
7#7 is an ultra high density, extremely long lasting impervious ceramic media which produces a lustrous sheen on metals. Its density, along with its hardness and long life make it ideal as a driver for loose abrasives. When used with a chemical accelerant, such as in isotropic Finishing, Ra’s as low as 1 or 2 can be achieved. (B.D. 135lbs./cubic foot)
8#8 is formulated the same as #7. It contains top quality abrasives, giving light metal removal in conventional machines and medium cut in high-energy machines. Composition-8 is very long lasting in both applications. (B.D. 135 lbs./cubic foot)