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HD Ceramic Media Descriptions

1 Slow cutting, extra long lasting, tough, high porcelain media, containing no aluminum oxide abrasives.  It can be used for burnishing, polishing, and light deburring and also as a driver for loose abrasives.  It has a high resistance to chipping.  (B.D. 90lbs./cubic foot)
2 Medium cutting ceramic media, which contains fused aluminum oxide.  These relatively long lasting media gives good color and a fine finish with proper compounding.  (B.D. 95lbs./cubic foot)
3 Fast cutting ceramic media designed to reduce cycle times, giving burr removal and corner radiusing while producing a fine matte finish.  (B.D. 95lbs./cubic foot)
4 Ultra fast cutting ceramic media specially designed to reduce cycle times to the absolute minimum.  It is ideal for quick burr removal, radiusing, and low RMS finishes.  It produces a very fine matte finish.  (B.D. 105lbs./cubic foot)
7 #7 is an ultra high density, extremely long lasting impervious ceramic media which produces a lustrous sheen on metals. Its density, along with its hardness and long life make it ideal as a driver for loose abrasives. When used with a chemical accelerant, such as in isotropic Finishing, Ra’s as low as 1 or 2 can be achieved. (B.D. 135lbs./cubic foot); COLOR: Brown/Pink; PURPOSE: Light Cut; MEDIA WEAR: Excellent; SURFACE FINISH: Bright; WEIGHT: 135-140 cu ft.
8 #8 is formulated the same as #7. It contains top quality abrasives, giving light metal removal in conventional machines and medium cut in high-energy machines. Composition-8 is very long lasting in both applications. (B.D. 135 lbs./cubic foot) COLOR: Lt. Brown/Dk. Brown; PURPOSE: General Cut; MEDIA WEAR: Exceptional; SURFACE FINISH: Good; WEIGHT: 135-140 cu ft.