Vibratory Tumbling Media

Plastic Media Descriptions

LCPPOLISH/LIGHT DEBURR: Can be used for polishing or light Deburr with the correct compounds extremely good wear; COLOR: Brown; WEIGHT: 85-90 lbs.
VPREPLATE: A light weight media that produces a very smooth finish. An excellent preplate finish and long wearing; COLOR: Light Green; WEIGHT: 65-70 lbs.
XGENERAL PURPOSE: This formulation is used in most standard applications. Great metal removal with a minimum of media loss; COLOR: Dark Green; WEIGHT: 65-70 lbs.
XVFAST CUT: A fast cutting media that leaves excellent finishes ready for anodizing or painting; COLOR: Blue; WEIGHT: 65-70 lbs.
Z1FAST CUT: Heavy zircon molded media, a general purpose, fast cutting media with good wear designed to produce excellent finishes with reduced cycle times; COLOR: Tan; WEIGHT: 90-95 lbs.