Vibratory Tumbling Media

Synthetic Media Descriptions

SMPOLISH: Light weight, delivers a bright polish finish, excellent wear. Works well in all types of finishing equipment. COLOR: Pink; WEIGHT: 55-60 lbs.
SVPREPLATE: A long-lasting media that produces extremely fine finishes and excellent color; COLOR: Light Green; WEIGHT: 55-60 lbs.
SXGENERAL PURPOSE: Good cutting ability yet leaves a finish that can be plated or painted. Formulated for high energy equipment; COLOR: Pink; WEIGHT: 55-60 lbs.
SY-1FAST CUT: Light weight, fast cutting media that leaves excellent finish ready for anodizing or painting. This media is very comparable to our X plastic media; COLOR: Tan; WEIGHT: 55-60 lbs.
SYAGGRESSIVE: Light weight, our most aggressive synthetic media formulation where metal removal radius and cycle times are primary concerns; COLOR: Tan; WEIGHT: 55-60 lbs.